Dan Fante, who died on on Monday aged 71, was one of the American His subsequent “Bruno Dante” novels – Chump Change, Mooch. When he finds out his father is in a coma, aspiring writer and part-time drunk Bruno Dante, fresh from the nuthouse, must head to Los Angeles for a fraught f. The book follows the exploits of Bruno Dante. In New York his life is a train wreck and is turned into an upheaval when he gets the call from Los Angeles that his.

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I had worked for Dav-Ko in New York five years before as a chauffeur and part-time night dispatcher. Possibly it’s the flu. Perhaps unsurprisingly for the descendent of Italian immigrants, Fante had a strong European sensibility. Your words were honest and unpretentious. Description When he finds out his father is in a coma, aspiring writer and part-time drunk Bruno Dante, fresh from the nuthouse, must head to Los Angeles for a fraught family reunion in Dan Fante’s Chump Change.

During his telemarketing peak he was earning more than a hundred thousand dollars a year. For me it had always been easier to make stuff up than to remember the sequence of an unimportant and ridiculous job or its dates in history.

You wrote from your guts and balls like they did but you used your own words. The last 2 or 3 chapters, the prose is absolutely fantastic and saves the book I fail to see how this is such a revered book. How close have you gotten to a script becoming a film? The Odyssey of Homer Richmond Lattimore. Mar 26, Brian Heverly rated it liked it. The prick was a former math professor from Tehran with a Godzilla ego.

There were no hard feelings. Now I was dizzy.

The Millions: Chump Change: A Novel (P.S.) by Dan Fante

chanbe Much like his father, author John Fante, he views life in an unsparing way. I had to settle for wagging my head up and down. The complete lack of self pity and the amazing trials of his own life prevent the book from becoming hagiographic or unnecessary. Dsn the table by the menus and the sugar shaker Koff-man’s cell phone began to chime to the tune of “Dancing in the Dark. To be fair, I didn’t finish it and I truly hate to give up on books.


Back cover copy A blackout brought on by a Mad Dog binge that ended with a self-inflicted steak knife wound bought Bruno Dante another stint in the nuthouse, no different from all the rest. The company name at the bottom of the box surprised me. I see parallels in the way that Bruno thinks of his father chabge Henry thinks of Nick. Fante’s style is gritty, hard-hitting but poignant.

Dan Fante: underground writer expressed madness of the US workplace

Be completely candid, please. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

It took forty-eight hours before he finally made an appearance at the hospital. It is very Bukowski, but since The first chapter of this book was seemingly despicable, too profane and Bukowski-esque for me to want to continue reading. What’s with all the open quotation marks in this book that were never properly closed? I think we can both agree on the definition of the word cocksucker as sort of neutral. The internal dialog author Fante provides for Bruno Dante is an excellent example of the power of good fiction – we vhump eventually see the honorable human intent obscured by the actions of desperate need.

He once worked 30 different jobs in a six month period. A couple of bottles of decent wine.

I have led an intense life. What I liked best about his father’s work is John Fante’s ability to put you in the story and make you feel like you were there. He seems to show more compassion to his father’s dying do Bruno Dante is a shell of a man, ravaged by alcoholism. Here he found favour among readers and many budding writers 30 or 40 years his junior, often from non-academic backgrounds.


We stored them both and a half dozen beat-up airport vans and station wagons behind a gas station and ran the whole deal out of a three-bedroom brownstone apartment on Sixty-fourth Street and Second Avenue. I was generous to give this 4 stars, Dan left a lot of open-ended questions unanswered.

Substance abuse and depravity with little to undergird them.

When I decided to read this book, I told myself not to compare father and son, but that’s just not possible, especially when the works are apparently equally autobiographical. There chwnge a tiny flicker of flame in Bruno near the end that is worth seeing. Bruno Dante is a shell of a man, ravaged by alcoholism.

Koffman bragged that his current customer base consisted mainly of celebrities and rock stars and New York-L. Fante, the son of John Fante and poet Joyce Fante, not only holds his own but reminds me of Louis Ferdinand Celine in his brutal and honest portrayal of life through his alter ego Bruno Dante.

It’s kind of a chsnge realism with a hint of transgressive stuff in there. It makes me think when all I can see is black, even the slightest shade of gray lighter is enough contrast to create some awe. They didn’t reorganize the company.

Dan Fante, Confronting His Demons On The Page

He died–I mean the guy died–probably the dog too. From now on I’d call the prick Jimmy. A personal struggle at a trying time. Nothing “shocks” or “offends” me; but this book is just fantee to be “offensive” with no real story behind it. Refresh and try again. Sep 26, Patrick O’Neil rated it liked it. There is no uphill climb for him. Jul 29, Brent Barnhart rated it really liked it.

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