The Eldar Revenant is a large Forgeworld model, basically, it is one of the titans Rules-wise, the Revenant Titan looks a bit mediocre at first. I’ve had to redesign my Craftworld Eldar scheme about 4 times now and am To start, my Revenant titan is equipped with Sonic lances currently, and .. Aurora, Colorado Drivers Are Stunned By This New RuleWe Quote. As the title suggests where can I find the most upto date rules for the Revenant Titan, thanks for any help.

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Basically they should just go back to all forge world units and remove it from match play while fixing the rules. Once more the dice were flying my way, with the Valdor backing out of combat, and the Earthshakers opening up on the Revenant.

He set up his army fairly reserved, with both Vultures being taken as Elysians and thus, having deepstrike capabilities, but one was placed on the board anyway, while the basilisks were situated in one corner, with the Valdor tank hunter in the other.

Finally my Revenant Titan arrived!

Depends on how good their dice are that battle. Jammed the largest magnet I had into rvenant. Wraithblades – Wraithguard – Wraithknight – Wraithlord – Wraithseer. As a note, with both the Thudd guns, and the Earthshaker battery crews are considered characters, and thus couldn’t be targeted.

I’ve tried like 5 on PC and 4 on my Android tablet. Revenant Titan Cost self.

Revenant Scout Titan

Bluetack came to the rescue and I finally decided with the pose above. No one wants to eat 3d6 shots that auto-hit in overwatch, plus whatever lucky shots you get from your other weapons. This leads to Revenant Titans often hunting in packs like wolves, their actions coordinated by the psychic link formed by their pilots’ blood ties. I have the codex, but I can’t open the file in any program.


How the hell do you read the epub file? You cannot reply to topics in this forum.


The Holo-fields aren’t -terrible- although they do leave a lot to be desired. We are doing quite a lot of apocalypse so I just have to get this model. Eldar Titans are large mechanical, bipedal combat walkers produced by the Eldar.

Its 2, with the Pulsars and if you want to replace elcar for sonic lamces each lance is 60 pts. The most notable aspects of the Revenant however, is the fact that they are often manned by one of a pair of siblings, with the other of the pair piloting a second Revenant close by.

PLAY-AID: Phantom Titan Rules from BoLS – Bell of Lost Souls

During my opponent’s turn, a lot of damage started coming my way, and in a hurry. Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view.

Its literally in its unstoppable wraith titan rule that they can fire and not suffer the penalty for moving and firing heavy weapons. Just being hit by the Valdor mean’t the Revenant was now hitting at a -1, which did take some effect during my next turn.

The Revenant Titan (8th Ed)

However, the legs are also heavily influenced by the torso and feet. Then the Skathach deployed out of deepstrike, landing right next to the Malcador defender, well inside of melta-range. All in all it had 4 weapons, 2 sonic lances, a cloud burst missile launcher, and titanic stride. I don’t have any Apple products. And is it worth it at that cost? I agree with Krayd on the sonic lance vs necrons due to the quantum shielding. So which comes first? At this point the game was really over, I only had the Skathach left, and the Krieg still titab at least three squads of infantry up, a thudd gun, 3 basilisks, and a Vulture.

Both sides ran flush to the knee cap. Otherwise the three squads of Krieg around it would’ve been toast.


Test fitted some of the larger eldra like the guns. With my shooting having been way less effective than I’d hoped, I charged the Skathach at a nearby special weapons squad and smashed them to bits, while the Revenant meanwhile leaped in and crushed an infantry squad. Ads by Project Wonderful! Painted the tip and dot the internal joint, ensuring a good fit. The Pulsars meanwhile have almost the same amount of shots, much better range, wound damn near everything in the game on 2’s, have a better AP, and do D6 damage per shot, with a chance to do revenany damage.

Please follow the subreddit rules Other Relevant Subreddits: He actually has a special rule that states he can only suffer 1 damage, so that’s all I got out of reveannt. I think the logic behind it was to stop people taking Titans in smaller games.

Reveannt Revenant Titan 8th Ed. Ilic Nightspear revenwnt hit his target this time, but rolled a pitiful 1 to wound. A melta shot hit Venner, doing a whopping six damage, and was all primed to kill him. Everything that was alive in close combat, fell back, and was then ordered to get back in the fight by their command squads.

Everything else for the most part shot at Revenant, gitan the basilisks doing some pretty good damage. With 32 wounds at T9, and with a decent armor save, I figured it’d be at least fairly durable, and it was to a degree. I mean, you’d have to give up shooting to get the max rank invulnerable save. Breaking it out of the bags, I soaked it in dishwashing liquid and warm water, took an old toothbrush and cleaned the parts. Basically no reason, it was bad at and a joke at 2k.

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