HIDEAWAY was the first novel of mine that elicited a pleasing quantity of hate mail. The volume of hate was never so great that the postal. Dean R. Koontz is the author of many best-selling horror novels, and HIDEAWAY stands as one of his most affecting works. The characters may not be much. Summary: Hideaway is a disappointing and disjointed novel unworthy of Koontz. It’s one of this patchy author’s poorer efforts. The plot is.

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Hideaway | Dean Koontz

Hideaway introduces us to ordinary couple Hatch and Lindsey Harrison, who one day during a storm are out driving on a highway, when they are swerved off the road by a drunk driver, resulting in their car to crash.

Half a dozen of koonyz pen pals wished me dead; one threatened to kill me if given a chance. The pace is slow yet fast at the same time. I’m sure I’ll read another Koontz book in the future, might just be a while. Good photography by Gale Tattersall and the Trevor Jones soundtrack punctuates all the right, familiar scenes with bags of style.

One, some years earlier, turned out to be evil.

Hatch is an antiques store owner and his wife is an artist who are driving in icy, treacherous conditions. It took me til the near end of the book for me to realize that I had seen this movie and with that I will say that the book is much better than the movie. I decided to give it a chance–partly because I found it at a thrift shop for less than a dollar, and partly because I Koontz’s novels range anywhere from awful to brilliant.


That’s another reason I don’t enjoy the books If you only get your books at airport gift shops, and you read mostly the likes of Janet Evanovich, John Grisham and Harlan Coban, what I would like to call the blockbuster writers, the Jason Bays and John Carpenters of the literature world.


One central theme in a Dean Koontz novel is good versus evil. Both men can see each other’s visions and can feel one another’s pain. She also has an addiction to mystery novels and detective magazines hence the title of the moviewhich May 13, TQM Doctor rated it liked it. I immediately loved it. In this one, Hatch is in a car accident that results in his death.

HIDEAWAY From the Author

Hideaway by Dean Koontz – Starting August 6th This holds true for this book. I found this storyline definitely added to the reality, especially as shown through the eyes of Regina, a 12 year old orphaned girl. The movie tanked, as it deserved to. During rereads one can catch the hints and foreshadowing throughout.

Hideawwy track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

The volume of hate was never so great that the postal service had to deliver it in eighteen-wheelers—a mere fifty letters—but it satisfied. I love Koontz but find that I forget a lot ooontz his stories fairly quickly after reading unless it was exceptional like Intensity.

Hideaway () – IMDb

Dean Koontz doing what he always does best. This book koonz religious questions, should medicine be used on evil, dealing with loss, and love.

Search for ” Hideaway ” on Amazon. They repeatedly rebuild Tokyo even though they know it will only be destroyed again by Godzilla. Hatch and Lindsey Harrison have somehow survived a horrific car accident.

They go on a trip to forget their lose. There was a movie made of this book which I have never seen and do not plan to after reading Dean Koontz’s thoughts about it. I am very excited to be having my novel filmed by an American studio owned by such an eminent Japanese entertainment entity as yours. Now he has a psychic link with an evil man who murders humans so he can portray them in a scene that he thinks is befitting. Vassago is one creepy guy and enough mystery is enshrouded around him to leave the reader from becoming bored.


He remembered the bat that had swooped into the service station lights to snatch the hapless moth out of the air, eating it alive.

Vassago did take their adopted child Regina to his “hideaway”, a deserted amusement park. So, Hatch has an accident and a doctor reanimates him after 80 minutes. Not exactly epic anymore, is it? I hope this clears up your confusion, and I look forward to your reply to my letter of 10 November.

Hideaway by Dean Koontz Goodreads Author. One indication that this is an earlier novel by Mr. This is a supernatural thriller with a spiritual message and it mixes in a little pseudo science. In a slam-bang finale, amidst charnel- house horrors, the Harrisons take on Vassago with a gun, a crucifix, and a little angelic help.

One fellow wrote a polite letter about the same issue, but suggested that I was obliged to write an apology for an anarchist web site. It’s left with a sum-up of the aftermath and what they grew to be later on – but there was a hollow cynicism in kiontz end that doesn’t seem characteristic or likely in his ending.

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